shutdown pc via mobile

Using this method, a user can shutdown,
restart, hibernate, etc. his or her computer,
just by sending anemail from his or her
To do this, all you will need is
Microsoft Outlook which should come
with Microsoft Office, which most
people have. This will need to be on the
computer wish you wish to shutdown.
So, this is how you do this:<br /> 1. First, you need the batch files to
perform the Shutdown, Hibernate
etc. You can write them down
yourselves or candownload them
2.Extract them to your C: drive so the
path to the shutdown batch file is C:<br /> sms_functionsshutdown.bat
(Important this is a must the path must
be exact) or you can modify the rule once
you import it to point to the new
destination, it's your call.
3.Open up Microsoft Outlook. Make
sure that you have already configured it
for your email.Now we willneed to
make it so that Outlook checks your
inbox about every minute (1 minute for
testing time can be increased if a
delayed shutdown is desired). You can
do this by going to Tools: Options.
4.Then click the Mail Setup tab, and
afterwards, the Send/Receive button.
5.Make sure that the Schedule an
automatic send/receive is
checked, and set the number of minutes
to 1. Now you may close all of these
dialog boxes.
6.Now go to Tools: Rules and Alerts...
Next click the options button in the
upper right hand corner and press the
Import Rules button.
7.Now select the shutdown.rwzfile
that was found in the zip file named
sms_functionsthat you downloaded.
8.Now, when you send a message from
your phone to your e-mail address with
the subject smsshutdown%%, your
computer will shutdown.
You can also make your own rule, so that
you can use your own batch file, and
may specify the phrase you want to
trigger the action.

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