check yours DND service is activated or not


 Hi friends are you mentally hares from Unwanted call like marketing and Company call than best option is start your DND service.The full name of DND is DO NOT DISTURB which you can avoid unwanted calls. But you have to register DND service for that and after registering that you think that your DND service is start but it may not happens.You request for DND service may rejected so you have to check that whether your DND service is activated or not,for that read full post.


Step 1 : If you don't activate your DND service than activate it by

         send sms DND to 1909 or call 1909

Step 2 : If you have already request for DND than check it by go to this site


Step 3 :  or call 1909 if your request is already activated than they will help you.
Step 4 :If your request is rejected than follow step 1

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