Make Free Calls 10/Day for Unlimited Time using Crowd Call in (sep.2012)


Crowd Call is 
basically a new and secure concept for conferencing your friends or 
business clients right from your smartphone. With Crowd Call you get 10 
free calls/day to call over 40 countries
worldwide. There is no time limit for any call 1 call can be as long as
you want and the person you are going to call does not need to have any
app installed in his phone, he just needs to have a valid phone number 
and he can be invited into conference. 


The only thing you need is an iPhone or Android device installed with the 
Crowd Call app and rest part is covered by crowd call itself, the other 
party do not need to have any app installed but just a regular number 
and they receive your call right by your own number.
So as you can see in the above image I am just calling my friend "rahul"
whom I just chose from my contacts list and than I just pressed the 
Call Now button and I got a message that crowd call is in progress and I
will receive a call soon. So now I just received a call from Crowd Call
and when you answer you need to press 1 to start calling other party.
Hmmm well now I hope I have cleared out everything well you can visit CrowdCall official website for apps download and further information. Thanks to my friend "napster" for telling me about this wonderful app…

You get 10 free calls per day which you can use to call over 40 
countries, on iPhone at a time you can select 2 person to call together 
and after the call is connected you can again minimize the call and call
another two persons and merge call together for free 5 person 
conference call, and also repeat this step fro more person adding.

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