End NOT RESPONDING PROGRAM just at one click,,


yesterday while surffing i came a very nice article at a well known site and i think will a lot to all,,,,,,and really
there are so many people facing this problem and its a irretating process to go task manager and do all the blaa blaa,,,,,processess,,,,,,

  • its mainly happen when any program crashes due to some reasons and cause block to other running processes. At this time only way is to use Task Manager and end not responding programs individually. Also we can use command 'taskkill' on command line to stop the process but many of the users are not familiar with the command line commands. So we will create a shortcut for 'taskkill' command with options which will help us to stop the not responding program with click on it.

Steps to perform,,,,,

1.Right click on Desktop and go to "New > Shortcut" in context menu.
2.In the Create Shortcut dialog box enter the following command in the location field
 taskkill /f /fi "Status eq NOT RESPONDING"
and click on "Next" to continue.
3.Now give suitable name to shortcut such as 'End Not Responding Programs' and click on the Finish.
4.You can also provide icon for the shortcut by Right clicking and selecting properties and click on the "Change Icon..." button in Shortcut tab.

Now whenever any program is not responding just double click on the shortcut to stop the particular program. Drag this shortcut in the start menu so it will be more easy access.

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