earn by adf.ly even after the bloching of adff.ly by dot


How to use ADF.ly(by simple step) as its banned by DoT :-

Today Adf.ly site seems to be not loading or not opening ,and due to this so many of users and the bloggers doesn't get service from adf.ly to Indian Users due to blocking of adf.ly in india by DOT(department of  telecom india). So Tricksage.blog founded a simple trick to bypass this problem.

How to use or Fix Problem  :-

If Adf.ly link is not working the just follow simple step to solve it.

First method:-

Normally adf.ly link look like:-

To use or fix just change the link as below:-

Another method:-
    Normally a link look like

    To male it working or to bypass if it normally working just place v1. before the link that is 

     So by doing this adf.ly will work

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