Earn money online by sharing links and referrals only for Indians


Earn money online by sharing links and referrals for Indians only :-

Today i will tell you about a new site to earn a decent money through net and this new site only associates with the Indians and only pay to Indians and the best think is that anybody can earn from this site its not necessary to be a blogger to earn from this site, so you can also earn with this awesome site very easily. 
                               This site will open a new path of earning for all Indian bloggers , its a high paying and low payout (redeem) site.
                            and this is free to join means it doesn't need any investment or don't have any hidden costs .

How to Earn / How it works :-

Now you will be curious to know that how to earn with this site or why the site will pay you ,so guys to earn with this site you have to simply convert your link to there site link and just share it with friend or any where on internet now whenever a person or friend will open your link you will get money for it.
                      you can say that its work on the basic principle of shortening link sites like adf.ly and cashfly etc. as the bloggers where quit friendly with this type of sites and as we all know that adf.ly is banned by DoT and they are also planning to ban other shortening sites. so this sites will be the best alternative .

                                          if you have any doubt you can see below image to understood well.

Benefits of using this sites :-

1. High paying rates as compare to any other shorttening sites:-
     For e.g.

  • It gives Rs. 100+ for 1000 unique visitors
  • While the other adf.ly or cashfly gives Rs 78.6($ 1.26) for 1000 unique visitors.

2. Lowest payout (lowest withdrawing money):-
    for e.g.

  • This site gives payout of  Rs. 300 and they give by cheque that you don't need a account to other sites.
  •  While in other the you need to have an account and a mediator like paypal ,payza etc. 
3. In this site if you sign-up there by a referred link or you reffered by a person then they gives referral money to both to referrer and to the sign-up person and for that Tricksage.blog is providing you the refferal link here:-

Without Refferal link (Direct link) :- Link of Earning site without refferal.

so guys here is the site link, just click here to go to the site and start earning ,,

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