Hide any file or folder with a simple command line on Windows OS


Best full proof secure FOLDER Hiding trick without any software   :-

Many people of us don't have a good stuff but they too want it to be hide but on other hand some of use seriously have good stuffs and document and they truly want to hide these stuff and you know that we all have quit black sides video,document etc,,so we also need to hide stuffs to and for hiding we use that conventional tricks like hiding by simply go to organize > folder & search option or may we use other software for hiding folder,files etc,,
                                                But today i have an interesting trick to hide the folder without any software or any other conventional tricks this trick if hiding files and folder is for windows users.

the best part of this trick is it just done by running a simple command and once the commend runs the folder hides completely and no other person can find that folder and stuff so to hide the best stuffs simply follow the below steps:-

How to Hide your folder with this trick  :-

Firstly make a folder and put all the confidential or stuffs in that folder in any drive,

Now just press Windows key + R to open run command and by pressing the run command paste or write the below given simple code and replace last three digits XYZ to yours folder name.


now make sure that the folder name is properly replaced by the last XYZ digit and the "D" is replace by the drive letter and now press enter key to excute the command.

and the folder is now completely hide and you can check it. 

How to unHide your folder with this trick  :-

Now when you want your folder back or want to unhide you have to run that command by replacing the +sign to -sign in the run box as shown below:-


as you run the above command in Run box .

and as you execute by pressing ENTER and yours folder simply Visible or Shown again.

So,,,guyzz by using this two commands tactics you can hide and unhide your folders any time you want and keep hiding the best of yours stuff ,,,

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